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WIFI Speaker surging wave

Digital products are now closely integrated with the Internet in the next has been further expanded. Internet technology has changed the boundaries blurred products , while broadening the connection between the products . Home theater, smart mobile terminals and other devices connected to the Internet via mobile way , which was previously not imagine . WIFI speaker is arising under this application products, will continue to deepen in the future on this road , the only way that will be better and better WIFI speakers .

Increasing emphasis on modern home life , wants to build a better home environment , with the improvement of people's living standards and higher requirements for humane use of audio and video products , as well as the pursuit of the smart home , WIFI speakers also began to be recognized. In the home environment , WIFI speaker has much room for development . It should be said , WIFI speaker appears to create a smart home is inevitable .

Most current wireless speakers using Bluetooth transmission mode , to achieve information transmission point , but for the future application of the living room , only to meet the point is not enough, more transmission and application will become a very important part . With the smart home concept is widely accepted, is the trend of intelligent home appliances , which lacks speakers figure how can it ? Connaught , Fen and other well-known speaker manufacturers in recent years have raised the "smart home " concept, while the speaker is well represented in this product concept.

Speakers traversed an extraordinary path. Among audio manufacturers of computer accessories from the competition , to the desktop , never stopped competing for outdoor use , such as to see this war has burned home , living battlefield . The living room is a diversified future , various entertainment devices will become the core of many interconnected devices will become part of the focus of user applications . Audio equipment , speakers have always been just as a player terminals used in the home environment , wifi sound promising.


Philips Blu-ray Hi-FiiPod/iPhone/USB/DVD system DBD8010 music center, built wifi wireless connection, you can easily access your computer or home theater personal photos, music, videos or movies via DLNA network applications. It uses the Ethernet (LAN) connection, make sure that DLNA certified products with DLNA protocol can communicate seamlessly interoperable. As long as your TV, home theater or Blu-ray Disc player is connected to a home network, will be able to access information from all DLNA certified devices.

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