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NEW concept Bluethooth speaker

Mutual inductance box product functional description

By adopting the technology of current mutual inductance, mutual inductance acoustics without bluetooth, and links the audio line, just put your cell phone in sound, can be magical functions to achieve sound!

Magic amplifier devices such as mobile phone, the sound.

, don't need any Settings such as matching.

Automatic switch.

Most of the IOS and android phone support.

W * 2 RMS output strong: 2.

Efficient, 15 hours of broadcast time * x3 AA alkaline batteries.

Display, low electricity.

Support audio input (3.5 mm) and the DC input jack (cable).

·. Operation:

1 mobile broadcast equipment such as:

, when in standby or boot mode, such as the iphone with external speaker equipment placed in the right direction, and external speaker or sound was broadcast can start product function implement function. The iphone 4 align sound functions can be realized.

, different audio equipment to place, trying to visit equipment until it is consistent and speakers sensor (product of active area in the front left and right side of the two points, as long as your external speaker at a local).

Volume 2: if you want to adjust the volume, need to change the volume of the mobile phones, speakers will automatically adjust the output volume.

Audio in 3 operation: diameter of 3.5 mm socket for most of the mobile phone cable, audio input set, using connection mode can be played bass effect is better.

4 power supply: the mini audio through 3 AA batteries or the outer cable socket input dc power supply, put the battery for the first time the speaker will remain in standby mode by default.

, each time you press the power button, the power status will be further before according to the following cycle: shutdown - standby - up - shut...

Automatic startup/shutdown:

When the product is in standby mode, if the music playing device is put to in correct position, the products will be started automatically.

, the music stopped after 1 minute, the product will return to standby mode, if use alkaline batteries, the product can keep stay in standby state more than six months.

, when in boot mode, the product will automatically shut down after the music stop for 10 minutes.

6 low battery, according to the blue light flashes 3 times every 4 seconds on behalf of the battery is low. This shows that only in standby mode.

Please note: when the battery is low, the high volume of play could make sound distortion.

When power is relatively low, the system will automatically cut off power supply battery damage.

7 the outer 5 v dc input: outside the cable socket for 5 v dc power supply is used, when external power insert, AA batteries are not used.

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